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  It usually affects people between the ages of 30 to 50 years. Physiotherapy is gradually started.Human spine is made up of 33 bones calls vertebrae and between each two bones is a soft rubber like disc, which is jelly like in the centre and acts as Rubber Seals Strip Manufacturers a shock absorber for the spine and also gives flexibility to the spine. This problem is more common in lower portion of spine called lumbar spine.

We should not forget that even abdominal tumors and infections can also cause backache and leg pain and numbness. and genetic. It is more common in males and frequently occurs in people whose occupation involves frequent bending and lifting.Now a day, the operation for slipped disc can be performed through a tiny (about 1.. MRI scan can clearly show the site and amount of disc prolapse and the nerve compression.B ,cancer spreading to spine, osteoporosis, arthritis, spinal stenosis, fractures, congenital diseases etc. This pain increases on sneezing or straining, walking etc. These nerves get compressed, when the disk slips back into the spinal canal and the problem of backache and leg pain starts. They would prefer to suffer rather than getting themselves operated and cured. Chjabra added. Surgery is required in 10-20% of patients whose pain persists after conservative treatment or who have paralysis or bladder and bowel dysfunction from beginning. In the centre of the spine runs a canal, which contains the spinal cord. Majority of patients respond to the non-surgical treatment


  Integrated Corsair Link support provides monitoring and customization of built-in logo lighting, fan speed, pump speed. The HG10 bracket also helps cool the GPUs main processor and VRAM and VRMs, helping extend the life of the GPU and providing more overclocking headroom.With SSDs becoming an essential addition to any enthusiast PC build, the Neutron XT takes things one step further, combining amazing data performance with a range of capacities to suit even the most data for a full compatibility listReduces GPU temperatures by up to 45° CAllows most GPUs to automatically reduce stock fan speed for quieter operationCools the main GPU processor, VRAM, and VRMs2-year limited warranty. The HG10 combined with a Corsair Hydro Series CPU liquid cooler can reduce the GPUs temperature by up to 45° C, and works with the GPUs automatic temperature control will lower the speed of its onboard fan for quieter operation.Neutron Series